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10 reviews for Prime Video Private 3-Month

  1. unknown

    I downloaded the Amazon Prime Video app to my Fire Stick so we could access the content. I am very pleased with the quantity and quality of content available through Amazon Prime membership, with no additional fee. I also use the no-rush shipping credits to rent other titles.We have since cancelled our satellite TV service and solely stream via Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon.

  2. unknown

    If you are a prime member, why not utilize all the resources included in the membership? There are some quite good shows and movies, my favorite Amazon series is The Boys, I enjoyed it last year.Another reason to use prime video is for your kids, amazon offers many ads free cartoons too.

  3. unknown

    I really liked the movie. I signed on to watch a movie.

  4. unknown

    I enjoy all the movies and shows on Amazon Prime Video, that differ from a lot of the options on other pay services. I like to download movies for air travel. I don’t pay for cable for my bedroom, but I have the Prime Video app on a smart TV in the bedroom, which saves a lot of money in the cable bill. Would cost an extra $20 per month just to put that cable box in the bedroom.

  5. unknown

    People do not realize how good the service is. They my have had other services from the old days or had a bad experience in the past but prime video has a lot of Content now, the whole Fire TV has a lot of content.

  6. unknown

    This had me on the phone over 12 hours in one week. I admit having a handicap. A brain injury. All subscribing and installing creates a fear factor before I start. And, NO not all “help”is helpful. Be prepared to be hung up on. Transferred to invisible people . Wait forever and repeat “Please slow down a zillion times”. I love the actual choices on Prime and the way it’s made my little world bigger in some ways. In others I feel like a abused client/consumer. I do have the names of every digital tech supervisor I talked with once I knew there were such positions. Most were knowledgeable professionals willing to help me. It’s unfortunate it was necessary to be passed to several “nexts”. as problems went unsolved for some time.I do believe they had patience with my fog and need for very frequent repetition. Frustrating for all and I’m grateful for their perseverance.I think I understand it for now and will enjoy choices. Thank you for providing them. I too could have hung up anytime.

  7. unknown

    Amazon Prime Video offers a growing library of quality original content and a decent collection of movies and TV shows to stream. On top of that, Amazon hosts an impressive catalog of TV shows and movies available for rent or purchase.A large, diverse content offering is Prime Video’s biggest benefit, with classic and current movies, popular TV series, Prime original content, and more filling out an expansive library. The user interface is great for finding content related to your interests, with categories dedicated to networks, genres, and recommendations. One unique feature of Amazon Prime Video is that its library contains both content included with Prime and content you’ll have to purchase or rent separately. This means it’s easy to find and pay for content not included with your subscription while keeping all your content in one place.

  8. unknown

    I’m very happy with PRIME VIDEO except that once in a while it’ll roam and I have to switch to other apps. The movies selection is great both old and new . My only complaint is that even though the subtitles help understand a foreign program; it would help to have an option to change audio languages to your choice like Netflix does. I get tired of reading subtitles and never see some good movies.Overall, Prime Video is one our fav app. I do like some improvements they have done.

  9. unknown

    I’ve had a Fire Stick for a while and rarely used it until getting an new 4th Gen Echo. With the new security features I feel comfortable using Alexa. I watched the movie “The Abyss” last night on my older Sony HD tv. Prime Video streamed with no hiccups. I paused the movie several times with my Fire Stick remote that includes Alexa Voice control for popcorn, etc. without a problem. Considering its included with your Amazon Prime membership why not get the Fire Stick and take advantage of it. Other streaming services are available as well.

  10. unknown

    Prime Video is the easiest video streaming service if you are into the Amazon ecosystem (fireTV, Echo, Alexa, Recast, etc) and have Prime membership.I like the independent productions and documentaries on Prime VideoI used to watch a lot more Netflix before Prime Video really took off.I have not had to use Tech Support, so can;t give a rating on that.And why is the feature rating here asking me for “Thickness”? There is no thickness for Prime Video.

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