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10 reviews for Prime Video Private 1-Month

  1. unknown

    I watch everything everyday love shows. I’m changing subscriptions with cable carrier. I have watch more movies on this format than anything else. Very pleased.

  2. unknown

    If you have a Prime membership and are not using this app, you’re missing out. Great selection of free movies in all genres. I’m a Netflix gal, but this is definitely a solid contender. Don’t sleep on this app!

  3. unknown

    I am still going thru all of Amazon Video. There are a lot of things to view and I am finding series and products that I did not even know existed. I am very happy with Amazon Video. For the price it is well worth it. The only thing that I dislike is when a Series or Movie is being lent to Amazon for a short period time. It seems that a lot of the series are there just long enough for you to get to the last season then you have to buy to see the rest. This is something I do not like at all. So I really screen what I am watching to see if I will be able to see all season’s or a movie without buy another app.

  4. unknown

    Easy to use love the content so happy with this channel and it’s reasonable

  5. unknown

    I love Amazon Prime movies and shows!!!! I can watch them anywhere!! I LISTEN to them (NOT WATCH) in my car and with the surround sound of my Beats speakers it’s like being in a theatre!!! I only listen to movies in my car that I have already seen; so I know what’s going on. Or I watch them while I’m on break or waiting for someone. My 4 year old granddaughter watches her favorite shows when we are at a restaurant and she is done eating waiting for the rest of us to be done.

  6. unknown

    Thickness not applicable to this item. Prime offers many good movie choices, free or otherwise. I am a movie addict and a chic who loves chic flicks. Prime offers a broad variety of movies and I find many chic flicks I love. Sometimes the streaming is very poor but I blame where we live and poor reception from out internet connection. When that is good the Prime video streaming is fine. I have continued to carry it on my Amazon account.

  7. unknown

    Recently joined Prime and gave the video a test drive. Lots of decent selections of movies and TV shows, streaming quality was flawless watching several movies. No buffering using latest version of firestick hardwired to ethernet port of router. Nice benefit of Prime membership. Dont’ use Wifi in my home so I can’t comment on streaming experience using this network modality.

  8. unknown

    Prime Video has a great selection of movies and shows. When supplemented with a couple of additional channels, I hardly watch regular TV on my satellite except for the news. I absolutely LOVE the x-ray feature and really miss it when I go to Netflix.If Prime Video ever adds a full schedule of daily FOX Business and OANN shows that I will fast forwarding through the commercials I will be able to dump my satellite TV.

  9. unknown

    This app makes it simpler to find all the free prime movies on the firestick. If amazon was smart they would make the intial interface like they do on the fire tablets with a free to me option to skip all the rent to buys, non prime movies/tv, and all those channels that require a subscription.

  10. unknown

    Prime Video has all the options you need. You can even subscribe to other movie providers through Amazon. The originals are amazing. The choices of movies are endless. You can find whatever you’re in the mood for. There is a constant shift of newer movies added every full and half month. I’ve had Prime for years and it has always met my needs. Haven’t been disappointed in it yet.

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